Long Term Conditions

Asthma Clinics

The asthma clinics are run by members of our nursing team. The aim is to provide fully comprehensive asthma reviews for all patients on our asthma register.

The annual review consists of:

  • A full history of symptoms and identification of triggers for your asthma
  • Checking inhaler technique to find the most suitable device for each patient
  • Peak flow testing and more advanced breathing tests (spirometry) to confirm the correct diagnosis where there may be doubt

COPD (Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema) Clinics

These clinics are run by the nursing team.

We offer spirometry (see below) to confirm the diagnosis of Chronic Pulmonary Lung Disease.

The aim is to maximise lung function and reduce the risk of hospital admission in the event of a flare up of the condition.

We offer full smoking cessation support for all affected patients.

Breathing Tests (Spirometry)

You may be invited to come for a breathing test to measure your lung function to see if there is any damage, help to accurately diagnose your breathing disorder and monitor treatment progress.

Preparation tips to achieve more accurate results.

Things to try to avoid:

  • Preferably no smoking 24 hours before appointment
  • No alcohol 4 hours before appointment
  • No large meal within 2 hours of appointment
  • No vigorous exercise for 30 minutes prior to appointment

If any of the following affect you when you receive your appointment please contact the surgery:

  • Suffering from any uncontrolled heart problems, (e.g. frequent angina)
  • Any eye or ear infections within 4 weeks of the appointment
  • Any surgery requiring a general anaesthetic within 3 months of your appointment

When you attend for the test:

  • Wear loose or easily adjustable clothing
  • Empty your bladder before your appointment for a more relaxed and comfortable consultation

Diabetes Reviews

Dr Cribbin and Sister Helen Davies have been running this clinic for quite some time now and have been very successful in optimising patients’ understanding and control of their diabetes.

We run specialist clinics for those who are newly diagnosed with diabetes to talk through diet, medications and how to stay healthy with diabetes. We also do routine check-ups with all our diabetic patients to monitor blood sugar control, cholesterol levels, kidney function and blood pressure. These clinics are an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about your diabetes and check there are no complications.

We recommend annual eye checks with your local optician to check for any damage to the back of the eye and to measure eye pressures for all our patients with diabetes. These are important to catch any signs of potential sight damaging disease early.

For further advice about diabetes we recommend the Diabetes UK website or ask your doctor / nurse.

Podiatry Clinics

The specialist diabetes clinics also give patients a chance to have regular foot checks in the practice for any signs of circulatory problems or nerve damage to the feet (which can be associated with diabetes). It is important to attend these check-ups.

Any foot problems, which arise between these appointments, should be attended to quickly in all diabetic patients. If you are diabetic and develop pressure areas, blistering, toenail problems or sustain any injury to the feet, emergency podiatry appointments are available locally to deal with emergencies if you cannot wait for a routine appointment through your doctor.

Please note: This clinic will not be able to provide nail cutting or full treatments.

It will run on a first come, first served basis. An appointment is not necessary but you must be prepared to wait.

You can attend between the times listed below. Patients who arrive after that time will not be seen on the day, but can attend at the next available clinic anywhere in the district.

Clinics are held at the following centres:


Eccles Gateway, Barton Lane, Eccles. Tel: 212 5500 1:30 – 3.00pm

Higher Broughton Health Centre, Bevendon Square, Higher Broughton. Tel: 212 4500 1:30 – 3.00pm


Swinton Clinic, Partington Lane, Swinton. Tel: 212 5100 1:30 – 3.00pm


Walkden Gateway, Smith Street, Walkden. Tel: 212 5200 1:30 – 3.00pm


Pendleton Gateway, 1 Broadway, Salford. Tel: 212 4600 1:30 – 3.00pm

Eccles Gateway, Barton Lane, Eccles. Tel: 212 5500 1:30 – 3.00pm


Emergency "Drop-in" clinic
Irlam Health Centre, Macdonald Rd, Irlam. Tel 212 5400 9:30 – 10:30am